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A Guide To Buying Your Dress Form

A Dress Form is a handy addition to your sewing room whether you're a dressmaker, seamstress or just carrying out personal alterations at home. It can give you a three-dimensional view of your garment in progress and it can be incredibly useful when fitting garments; making sure that seams and fabric drape are hanging correctly, measuring accurate hems and making garment alterations.
Dress Forms are extremely useful but can be a costly purchase and also take up precious floor space so how do you choose which dress form will be best for you? This guide will help you decide  what you need and also present you with the different options available.
What is a Dress Form?
A dress form (also known as a Dressmakers Dummy, Tailors Dummy, Mannequin or Sewing Form) are essentially a true and life size mannequin that you can try your garments on, mainly for alteration purposes. They are very popular with seamstresses and dressmakers due to their padded foam covering which allows you to pin to hold fabrics in place. Dress forms come in different shapes and sizes and with different amounts of adjustment depending on which model you invest in.
Which Size?
When looking for a dress form you will have different sizing options to choose from very much like when you are buying a dress pattern. As we all know, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes . If you are buying a dress form for yourself, knowing your true body measurements is a key place to start. If you are a dressmaker or seamstress going for a smaller dress form is recommended as you can pad out a dummer to add curves but it will be almost impossible to remove any excess. Small dress forms are approx. UK dress size 10-16 whereas Medium are approx. 16-22. We do stock the Supafit Dress Form which comes in petite and fuller figure sizes.
How Will You Use It?
How do you intend to use the dress form? Are you a dressmaker who likes to make trousers? If so, you may want to consider dress forms with leg forms such as the Sew Deluxe Leg Form or the The Catwalk Sew-Deluxe Dress/Leg Form which will make life a lot easier! Do you need extra add ons like a hem marker? Would it be useful for your dress form to have wheels for ease of moving around? We have a dress form for all your needs!
You can view all our dress forms here and if you need any assistance or help choosing the right model for you, call us on 01254 693555
*Please note some of this content has been taken from an article in Sewing World Magazine May 2016 Issue 'Guide to Buying a Dressmakers Dummy'
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