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Antique Sewing Machine Mending a Neig­hbo­ur­hood

Standing out against the typical sounds of a busy city street, the distinctive noise of an antique sewing machine in full flow is a little jarring yet extremely pleasant. The sound is made by Michael Swaine, whose heartwarming story we share with you here..

The Tenderloin district of San Francisco, USA, is a neig­hbo­ur­hood that, in Michael’s opinion, literally needs mending. Though a high level of homelessness and crime has blighted the area, he sees “the most magical, beautiful place” through the urban decay. His perspective comes from 15 years of tireless work to improve the area and he now, once each month, spends the day repairing the clothes of anyone who requires his expert services.

Michael is an art teacher at a college in the area and all of his sewing is done without charge, offering a unique service to those in need. One woman said of him: “He's a good man.. he is touching the world and healing people with his gift and I honour him and thank him," said one woman.

The antique sewing machine used by Michael in his charitable work was found by him after it had been carelessly thrown away in the street. Just like the millions of other people who have sat down to a sewing machine for the first time, he fell in love with it and hasn’t stopped sewing since. He describes the sewing machine as “more than just a tool for mending” and says it “(makes) people stop.. it’s the tail that people feel really comfortable around”.

We applaud Michael for his work and are a little envious of his rather gorgeous vintage sewing machine!

Making, altering or restoring clothes using a sewing machine is an incredibly rewarding process, a fact that is well-known to those who have already discovered the many benefits. Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines offer a compre­hen­sive choice of models to allow you to find the ideal selection that is most suited to your requ­ire­ments.

From first-time users to the most seasoned experts, everyone can find the right sewing machine (along with all the accessories you will ever need such as dressforms, dressmaking scissors and more) from our collection. Our expert team are standing by to guide you through the options and features available - contact us today and keep on stitchin’ with Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines!

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