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Babylock Evolution Coverlock

Babylock Evolution Coverlock (Ex-demonstration)

Babylock Evolution Coverlock

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Combined overlock and coverlock machine. Comes, of course, with the unique jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Life is change, development – Evolution. The evolution of your creativity starts with the baby lock Evolution. Stitch with up to eight threads at once to produce breathtaking decorative effects never seen before. Combine overlock, coverlock or chain stitches as the fancy takes you. Thanks to eight separate thread paths, the machine does not have to be converted in a time-consuming process. And what is best: it is you who defines the threading order.

No need to laboriously follow any threading points. Forget about loose threads and all the associated tangle and frustration. The NEW and ingenious fully automated jet-air threading system makes threading the three loopers fun. Just place the thread in the desired looper port, push the button and hey presto, the looper is threaded completely and automatically. If you like, you can also thread all three loopers at once.
Thanks to the Evolution's automatic thread delivery (ATD) system and the stitch selector, you no longer have to worry about thread tension adjustment. Perfectly balanced stitches with threads of different qualities on a wide range of materials from fine through to heavy fabrics, are no longer a matter of good luck. Our exclusive wave stitch is a real eye catcher and only available from baby lock. Say goodbye to frustrating unwanted puckering or wavy seams with knitwear or very fine fabrics. The adjustable differential feed (0.6 – 2.0:1) gives every stitch that perfect look. LED light - the light of the future – is now also available on your baby lock Evolution to provide a good view of the sewing area.


Number of needles 5
Number of threads 2-8
Stitches per minute 1500
Stitch length 0,75 - 4 mm
Overedge width 3 - 9 mm
Differential feed x
Needle threader manual
ATD – automatic thread delivery x
ExtraordinAir™ Threading x
Jet-Air Threading™ -
LED lamp x
Knee lift -
Tension release when presser foot is raised x
4-thread cover stitch 6mm x
3-thread cover stitch 6mm x
3-thread cover stitch 3mm x
Double chain stitch x
5-thread safety stitch x
4-thread overlock x
3-thread overlock x
3-thread flatlock x
3-thread rolled hem x
3-thread rolled seam x
2-thread overlock x
2-thread flatlock x
2-thread rolled hem x
2-thread rolled seam x
2-thread picot stitch x
Wave stitch x


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