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Brother Accessories Category D

Accessories for the Brother NV4000, 4500, 5000, 2200, NV4750D, 2800D and 1500D.

Brother Open Toe Free Motion Embroidery & Quilting Foot

Part number: F061/XE1097001
The large opening on the front of the foot gives you wide visability in the needle area. Use for free motion, outline quilting, etc.
  • £19.99

Brother Free Motion Embroidery & Quilting Foot (plastic)

Part number: F005N/XC1948052
For darning, quilting, or free-motion.
  • £14.99

Brother Walking Foot - 7mm - Horizontal

Part number: F033N/XC2214052
The feed dogs on the walking foot moves at the same pace as the machine's lower feed dogs to feed the fabric consistently.
  • £34.99

Brother Free Motion Guide Grip

Part number: FMG2/XF6266001
Guide Grip keeps the fabric taut and helps as you sew free motion embroidery
  • £19.99

Brother Bobbin (11.5mm high) Pack of 10

Part number: SFB/XA5539151
Bobbins (10 pcs.) - 11.5 mm (7/16”) in height
  • £6.99

Brother Bobbin and Bobbin Clips (11.5mm high) Pack of 10

Part number: BCL/XE4736001
10 bobbins and bobbin clips that keep thread from unwinding - 11.5 mm (7/16”) in height
  • £9.99

Brother Bobbin Work Kit

Part number: BWRK1/XE9099001
Sew three-dimensional designs using decorative threads in your bobbin
  • £49.99

Brother Circular Attachment Set

Part number: CIRC1/XE3527001
Sew in circular designs with a guide for measuring and sewing with a variety of decorative stitches
  • £59.99

Brother Creative Sewing Pack

Part number: CSP1/XF7598001
The Creative Sewing Pack has been designed to provide a comprehensive package of feet for a broad spectrum of applications.
  • £59.99

Brother Knee Lifter

Part number: KL1/­XE5902001/­XG6723001
Can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee
  • £33.99

Brother King Spool Thread Stand (2 Spool Thread Stand)

Part number: TS3/XE1833001
Lets you set two large spool threads
  • £52.49

Brother Multi-purpose Screwdriver

Part number: MDRIVER1/­XG1298001
You can rotate the position of the driver and use for multi purpose
  • £14.99
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