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Brother Accessories Category M

Accessories for the Brother BM2600, 3500, 3600, SF100, 200, 250, 300, XL2120, 2120PRO, 2130, 2130NT, 2140, 2150, XL2220, 2220NT, 2230, 2240, 2250, 2600, 2610, 2620, 2620SE, 2630, XL3500, 3510, 3600, Mini Star, Rose Wine and VESTA.

Brother Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot

Part number: F036N/XC1970052
Adjustable for positioning the presser foot on either left or right side of the needle. This foot makes it easy to attach zippers or piping.
  • £14.99

Brother Blind Stitch Foot- Vertical

Part number: F018N/XC1976052
Creates blind hems on a variety of fabrics, using the adjustable guide on this presser foot.
  • £14.99

Brother Concealed Zipper Foot

Part number: F080/XH1892001
For quick and easy installation of concealed zippers. (Snap-on foot)
  • £14.99

Brother Edge Joining Foot

Part number: F056/XC6441352
This foot is perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheers and difficult fabrics. It can also be used to line up and sew lace to the edge of another fabric.
  • £14.99

Brother Narrow Hem Foot (5mm)

Part number: F003N/XC1945052
Designed to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.
  • £14.99

Brother Non Stick Foot (Horizontal)

Part number: F007N/XC1949052
Ideal for leather, vinyl and other materials which may stick to the bottom of the foot.
  • £14.99

Brother Overlock Foot (Vertical)

Part number: F015N/XC1975052
For vertical bobbin machines only. Sews overcast seams to protect edges from fraying.
  • £14.99

Brother Picot Foot 5mm

Part number: F029N/­XG6603001/­XC1965052
Creates shell-looking edges on sheer and very lightweight fabrics.
  • £14.99

Brother Stitch Guide Foot

Part number: F035N/­XG6609001/­XC1969052
The scale in the presser foot can be used for perfect topstitching on both straight and curved lines. Each divisional mark equals 2mm.
  • £14.99

Brother Straight Stitch Foot

Part number: F011N/­XG6591001/­XC1954052
For precise straight stitching on thin fabrics or on edges of fabrics.
  • £14.99

Brother Vertical Stitching Alignment Foot

Part number: F063/XE5224001
A must-have accessory! Amazing snap-on metal foot with new red measuring markings spaced 2mm apart that provides the ability to use as “fabric guide”.
  • £14.99

Brother Bias Binding Foot

Part number: F014N/XC1955052
Attaches bias tape with widths less than 7mm (1/4 inch) using straight, zigzag or decorative stitches.
  • £14.99
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