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Through a network of specialised partners, which proudly includes Hobkirk’s, Brother sewing machines supply their sewing and embroidery machines to meet the creative needs of modern crafters.

Brother have been innovative in realising that the sewing machine is no longer simply a tool - it is now an instrument of creativity. The company positioned itself squarely as a leader in the provision of machines designed to facilitate the creative process and continues to reinvest in R&D projects to optimise its range and produce new models.

The history of the market-leading producer of domestic, commercial and industrial sewing machines dates back to 1932, when the company was established by the Yasui brothers in Japan. Since that time, Brother have continued to establish their impressive reputation as a globally-influential brand, producing techno­logical innovations that continue to revolu­ti­onise the industry.

Brother take their envi­ron­mental respon­sibi­lities extremely seriously so you can be confident that purchasing a Brother sewing machine is a green choice. They ensure that:

  • A ban on the use of materials that threaten the environment is strictly upheld

  • Waste is reused and recycled where possible

  • Equipment and materials are reused without the need for a conversion process

  • Carbon and other emissions are minimised

A wide and varied product portfolio includes everything from domestic sewing machines aimed at the absolute beginner right through to hi-spec semi-pro embroidery machines designed to facilitate the work of small or startup businesses. Reliable, effective and compe­titively-priced, Brother sewing machines offer a model to suit you.

For a limited time, lots of the Brother Sewing Machines in our extensive collection currently come with an added bonus - a super free gift designed to make your crafting experience even more rewarding! Gifts include:

  • Creative Quilting Kit worth £149.99 with the purchase of the Brother Innov-is 55 sewing machine

  • Frames worth up to £3,000 with the purchase of the Brother PR1000e Single Head 10-needle Embroidery Machine

  • PE-Design PLUS Software and a 40pc Thread Set worth £432.99 with the purchase of the Innov-is NV2600 Brother sewing machine

Need help choosing the ideal sewing or embroidery machine for you? Call our skilled and talented team of experts now.

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