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Dressforms by Adjustoform - Hobkirk Sewing Machines Confidence Buy

Dressforms are an invaluable way of ensuring that your sewing project turns out perfect, as they enable you to effectively model the garment as if it were on a real person.

Hobkirk Sewing Machines are extremely proud to be part of Adjustoform’­s dressform exclusive network of trusted suppliers, bringing dressforms of exceptional quality to domestic, commercial and industrial appli­cations. The company's dressforms, which utilise locally-sourced and -manuf­ac­tured components, are designed, built and assembled at Adjustoform’­s modern factory in Kent, which is one of the longest-established major employers in the area.

Who could benefit from owning a dressform?

Literally anyone involved with making, repairing or altering clothes! The dressform makes all of these processes much easier and Adjustoform produce a range of models suited to anyone from the unsure absolute beginner to the seasoned and experienced crafter.

How does it make sewing easier?

By allowing the user to:

  • Check the fit, hang and cut of a garment in the process of being made

  • Be sure of the placement of necklines, buttonholes and darts

  • Accurately mark hemlines and ensure straight seams

  • See the back of the garment without using an often-deceiving reverse image from a mirror, which obviously cannot be done whilst wearing

  • Have an inspiring blank canvas to work on

  • Shape the form to exactly match your figure

  • Fit a paper pattern before the dressmaking scissors even get near your precious fabric!

What features do Adjustoform dress forms have?

The company produce a wide array of dress forms to suit different applications and it is worth talking to one of our trained advisors here at hobkirk’s Sewing Machines, who can expertly assist you to find the perfect model. Features include:

  • Choice of chalk­/pin-grip hem markers or hem leveller

  • Integral pin cushion

  • An array of body adjustment systems and stands

  • Nylon cover to facilitate quick, precise marking and pinning

  • Imperial and metric measurements

  • Shaped thighs and behind for fitting trousers and skirts

  • 2-year materials and craft­smanship guarantee

Please enjoy checking out the professional collection of Adjustoform Dress Forms available now from Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines.

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