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Dressforms by Adjustoform - Choose your Perfect Model

We recently published an article focusing on one of the most versatile, useful and practical accessories that anyone involved with making or altering clothes can own - the dressform. Here, we look in more detail at some of the different Adjustoform models we currently have available.

From a state-of-the-art production facility in Kent, where it is one of the largest and oldest employers, Adjustoform create some of the finest dress forms available on today’s market. Exceptional quality is standard when purchasing from the company, who utilise locally-manuf­ac­tured components in their practice and work closely with a trusted network of suppliers (that happily includes Hobkirk Sewing Machines!)

Some of the Adjustoform dressforms currently available from Hobkirk Sewing Machines include:

Supafit Dressform

These dressforms feature an 8-part body and are one of Adjustoforms signature products. For many years, this effective dressform has been used by beginners and experts alike. The Supafit features an innovative split waist to facilitate the simple fitting of clothes with particularly long or short waistlines. Choose from a range of sizes, including a male form.

Lady Valet Dressform

The choice of many dressmakers, Lady Valet is precise and profes­sional. Often used simply to hang clothes for brushing, pre-dressing and keeping in shape, this model delivers a full range of body measurement options with its 12 integral adjusters. Not just a functional item, Lady Valet has been crafted with an antique charm with its highly-polished mahogany stand and comple­men­tary neck cap.

Sew Easy Dressform

Is space an issue in your working area? If so, yet you still feel that you could benefit from owning a dress form, then the Sew Easy is for you! This convenient, compact and practical dressform uses a simple yet strong clamp to firmly attach it to a tabletop, from where you can work on it with ease. Once attached, the dressform can be easily rotated into any desired position before being securely fixed at either tabletop or raised height.

Please enjoy browsing the complete range of Adjustoform dressforms available now at the most competitive price from Hobkirk Sewing Machines.

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