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Fiskars Scissors

Fiskars Softouch Spring-Action General Purpose Scissors- 26cm

Part number: 2911
Spring action and Softouch® cushioned handles make cutting easier and more comfortable.
  • £16.99

Fiskars Scissor Sharpener

Part number: 9600D
Restores scissor blade sharpness.
  • £13.99

Fiskars Classic Rounded Scissors-13cm

Part number: 9891
For multi-purpose (craft, sewing & office) cutting needs.
  • £12.99

Fiskars Classic Needlework Scissors-13cm

Part number: 9881
For intricate and delicate (craft and sewing) cutting needs.
  • £13.49

Fiskars Classic General Purpose Scissors- 21cm

Part number: 9853
For multi-purpose (craft, sewing & office) cutting needs.
  • £15.99

Fiskars Classic Left-handed Scissors- 21cm

Part number: 9850
For multi-purpose (craft, sewing & office) cutting needs (left-handed).
  • £15.99

Fiskars Classic Dress-making Scissors- 25cm

Part number: 9863
These professional 25cm high quality steel, durable and highly ergonomic scissors are ideal for thick cuts, multiple layers of fabric, cardboard, laminated materials and light metal.
  • £23.99

Fiskars Classic Tailors Shears-27cm

Part number: 9843
Legendary tailor scissors handle design and very sharp blades for the highest ergonomy and cutting comfort!
  • £36.99

Fiskars Classic Pinking Shears-23cm

Part number: 9445
These classic pinking shears are high quality stainless steel, durable, highly ergonomic scissors.
  • £37.99

Fiskars Scissors Sharpener

Part number: 8620
Fiskars Scissors Sharpener for standard and RazorEdge blades.
  • £15.49

Fiskars SewSharp Restorer

Part number: 9854
Fiskars SewSharp Restorer
  • £3.49
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