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Horn Sewing Cabinets - Now Available from Hobkirk's Sewing Machines

The solution is a Horn sewing cabinet, available now from Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines.

With the many accessories required for good sewing, it’s easy to get into a bit of a mess! It isn't unusual for keen stitchers to get accused of ‘taking over’ as the number of threads, bobbins and pairs of dressmakers’ scissors never seems to go downwards. Also, there never seems to be quite enough working space, particularly if you are working on a big embroidery project such as a quilt.

Horn have a heritage that dates back more than 90 years and the German company has been actively present in the United Kingdom for more than 30 of these years. With a sharp eye on the evolution of the sewing & craft industries, the company’s talented designers and engineers create a wide selection of diverse sewing cabinets to perfectly suit any particular space.

No longer is there any need to haul your machine out of storage every time you want to use it - Horn sewing cabinets keep everything safely tucked away and can be easily moved anywhere on their quality castors. When required, the cabinet opens easily to provide a large workspace with plenty of storage for all your little bits and bobs.

We absolutely love the Horn Calypso - the ultimate sewing cabinet, it features:

  • Full-length, flush-mounted door hinges

  • A sturdy and strong construction

  • Patented Horn 3-step air-lift

  • Integral door trays which are innovatively designed to optimise your storage options

  • Eight smoothly-running castors, three of which can be locked, to facilitate movement and improve safety

  • Horn’s brand-new door design that delivers total support to the lid and working extension while offering an amount of legroom unmatched in other sewing cabinets

  • Dedicated delivery by Horn to most areas of the UK

Revolu­ti­onise the way you sew with a Horn sewing cabinet from Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines. There are lots more models to choose from and our talented team can help you decide exactly which is right for your sewing area. Call us today for advice!

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