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Industrial Sewing Machines - The Professional Standard

Industrial sewing machines represent a significant investment and deciding on exactly which model to purchase is not something to be taken lightly. Hobkirk Sewing Machines, as well as offering quick, simple and cost-effective access to a wide range of new and used industrial sewing machines manufactured by leading brands, also provide clear, competent and relevant advice via our experienced team of skilled experts who are always available by phone or email.

The new industrial sewing machines currently available from our compre­hen­sive collection include:

The S-1000A Industrial Flat-Bed from Brother Sewing Machines

A no-nonsense model supplied with a full accessory kit, the S-1000A Industrial Flat-Bed Sewing Machine from Brother is designed to facilitate crafting at a professional level. The straight lockstitch machine is self lubricating and features full reverse function and adjustable stitch length. Suitable for a range of material thicknesses and with a maximum speed of 4,000 stitches every minute, this is a formidable machine that can be supplied as a complete on-unit stand with integral tabletop work area.

The 70-D3B-2 Butt Seaming Machine from Merrow Machine Company

Merrow have been producing sewing and embroidery machines since 1838 and their dedication to quality has not diminished at all in the intervening years. The 70-D3B-2 is the world-leading butt seaming machine and to find out why, just check out the video on the product page.

The HECTOR from Styrteknik

Used for creating quality cushions, which will soon experience dramatic growth in sales volume as the season changes and events such as Christmas approach, the HECTOR is an expertly-engineered piece of equipment. Various patterns can be quickly, easily and reliably rendered on foam- or fibre-filled cushions and all stitches are fully-adjustable to suit bespoke requ­ire­ments. With a production capability of between 8-12 operations every minute, this is an extremely efficient industrial sewing machine and can be supplied with a host of optional extras such as increased lifting height and ultraviolet light.

Need help and advice on choosing the perfect industrial sewing machine for your intended application? Call our experts now.

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