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Janome Overlockers

Janome 9300DX Overlocker

The Janome 9300DX Overlocker is one of the easiest overlockers with speeds up to 1300 stitches per minute.
  • £269.00

Janome 6234XL Overlocker

The 6234XL makes overlock sewing easy! Incorporating the differential feed system of two feed dogs, puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits are virtually eliminated.
  • Was £449.00
  • Now £399.00
Save £50
Valid until 02/01/2020

Janome Coverpro 2000CPX Cover Stitch Machine

The 1000CPX has been upgraded to provide greater control over fine fabrics and thereby an even better stitch quality.
  • Was £499.00
  • Now £449.00
Save £50
Valid until 02/01/2020

Janome 1200D Overlocker/­Cover Hem Machine

The newest addition to Janome’s professional line of machines, the 1200D combines a full-featured overlock machine with a cover stitch machine
  • £999.00

Janome AT2000D Professional Overlocker

The NEW Janome AirThread AT2000D PROFESSIONAL unites ease-of-use with the specialised functionality of an advanced overlocker. It’s our easiest to thread overlocker ever!
  • £899.00
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