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Pfaff Performance Sewing Machine - Save £800!

Absolutely bursting with a range of professional and powerful yet user-friendly features, the Performance 5.0 IDT from Pfaff Sewing Machines is a model that will let you flawlessly make all of your crafting dreams come true. For a limited time, you can purchase this exciting and exceptional sewing machine, which comes with a selection of sewing accessories, with an attractive and unrepeatable discount of £800 compliments of Hobkirk’s! That’s right, for the amazing price of just £1,099, this machine could be yours today.

It is hard to know where to start when trying to share all of the different features of this versatile model from Pfaff Sewing Machines. Each offers its own unique take on the crafting condition - we are sure you won’t know where to start either!

  • Creative™ Colour Touchscreen - the hub of all your sewing and embroidery activities, this clear and bright screen shows your chosen stitch in actual size for easy and precise rendering. You can combine and customise right on-screen, with a sleek and intuitive user interface to confidently guide you through the many process options available

  • Over 300 decorative and utility stitches included from original 9mm, which can be infinitely edited, to Pfaff Maxi Stitches which can be used to create unique, beautiful embel­lis­hments, accents and monograms. Precision every time is guaranteed thanks to the company’s innovative IDT™ system

  • The Pfaff Stitch Creator™ offers unlimited possi­bili­ties for editing built-in stitches or designing your own

  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate Sensor - you will never select non-straight stitches by mistake when the straight-stitch needle plate is attached thanks to this sensor and integral alarm

  • Bright, reliable and long lasting LED lights offer full work-area illumination without any shadows to distract you

  • Bobbin and top threads are automati­cally cut, with the thread ends securely pulled to the fabric’s reverse side

  • Full range of sewing speeds - your preferred setting will be stored in the machine’s memory

  • Update online - get the latest Pfaff Sewing Machine program version on the internet

We have barely even scratched the surface and there are still loads more features to tell you about! Why not download our detailed .pdf leaflet for the Performance 5.0 IDT sewing machine from Pfaff? Order soon to claim your massive £800 discount!

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