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Cindy Dunn bought a Pfaff sewing machine in 1983 - and it is still going strong!

Cindy learned basic sewing techniques while she was a pupil at high school but said she had ‘barely touched a needle and thread’ by the time she joined the army and was deployed to a base in Germany in 1983 at the age of 24. On a shopping trip at the military base, Cindy spotted a Pfaff sewing machine which, priced at $300, represented a whole fortnight’s wages for her. After having ‘decided on the spot to splurge’, Cindy bought the machine and planned to take lessons from her grandmother on returning to the USA.

When she became a mum in 1986, Cindy left the army and returned home. Her husband, also a soldier, continued to be sent to new bases, with mother, child and sewing machine all following. Two more babies meant that ‘sewing took a backseat to motherhood’ but, in 1992, she finally made the visit to her grandmother.

Cindy’s grandmother is herself an avid quilter and was more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with her grandda­ughter. She quickly became adept and her first quilt, a gift for her sister and brother-in-law, was a big success. Further quilts followed as Cindy became enamoured with ‘turning a pile of fabric pieces into something beautiful and useful’.

Quilts made by Cindy using her trusty Pfaff sewing machine are, to this day, keeping people warm from Germany to Georgia. She is currently working on a new quilt - for herself this time, at last - and is still in love with a machine that is ‘paying dividends of beauty, love and warmth’.

Hobkirk’s always have a wide selection of Pfaff Sewing Machines in stock, allowing you to find the model that is most suited to your chosen appli­cations. Please browse the collection today to find yours.

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