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Pfaff Sewing Machines - Save £800 with Hobkirk's!

Hobkirk’s are proud and excited to present the Pfaff Performance 5.0, which we are currently able to offer at an extremely attractive price. Read on to find out more about this incredible domestic sewing machine and how it could soon be lifting your creativity to new heights..

Some of the fabulous features of the Pfaff Performance domestic sewing machine include:

  • The Creative Colour Touch Screen - Designed and patented by Pfaff, this intuitive screen shows stitches at their actual size and allows the operator to quickly edit, combine and customise. Colours are clear, pleasant and faithful

  • A sleek, user-friendly interface that confidently steers you through all of the machine’s processes

  • A range of stitches to suit every application. Over 300 decorative and utility stitches can be easily produced, including the original 9mm stitches by Pfaff. Unique to the company, Maxi stitches are up to 48 mm in width to create stunning embel­lis­hments

  • Excellent precision with the use of the computerised IDT system, also developed by Pfaff

  • The Pfaff Stitch Creator - Another feature unique to Pfaff sewing machines which allows you to design your own stitches from scratch or customise an array of built-in examples

The RRP for this stunning domestic sewing machine from world-renowned Pfaff is £1,899 but, for a limited time, Hobkirk’s Sewing Machines can use our impressive buying power to bring you an £800 saving, reducing the Pfaff Performance to just £1,099. Delivery is free, too!

Want to know more about the Performance sewing machine from Pfaff? For more information on this or if you are considering purchasing an industrial sewing machine, just give our friendly experts a ring.

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