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Pfaff Zipper Foot

Pfaff Zipper Foot

Pfaff zipper foot

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The Zipper Foot is the most important zipper tool and will help you stitch the zipper perfectly in place. When attaching any zipper, it is important to sew right next to the edge of the zipper teeth. You can do that with the special Zipper Foot. It can be snapped onto the left or right of the sewing foot ankle, as needed.


Centered zipper (concealed on both sides):

  1.  Overcast the seam allowances. Join the fabric layers, right sides together, with a standard stitch up to the zipper insertion mark.
  2.  Baste the remainder of the seam closed. Press seam open.
  3.  Baste the zipper in place, centering the zipper teeth along the basted seam line and with the zipper pull extended beyond the top of the garment edge.
  4.  Attach the Zipper Foot to your machine.
  5.  Position edge of Zipper Foot close to teeth of zipper and move the needle to stitcha­ppro­ximately 6 - 10mm (1/4 - 3/8 inch) away from center seam line. Stitch along both sides and across bottom of zipper with a straight stitch.
  6.  Remove basting stitches.


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