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Founded in 1998 by President Frank Ma, Ricoma is already one of the largest manufacturers of embroidery machines in the world being distributed in over 120 countries. Hobkirk Sewing Machines began their relationship with Ricoma in 2013 and after specialist training from Ricoma's team they continue to supply and service Ricoma products throughout the UK.

Ricoma Head Office in Miami          Ricoma Factory          Ricoma machine inspection prior to dispatch.
(Ricoma Head office in Miami, Ricoma Factory & Ricoma machine inspection facility)


Ricoma EM1010 embroidery machine (Ex-display model)

10 needles, machine stand, cap frame & 4 hoops included.
  • £4995.00 + VAT
  • £5994.00 inc. VAT

Ricoma EM-1010 portable embroidery machine

A truly portable 10 colour machine weighing only 45kg!
  • £5495.00 + VAT
  • £6594.00 inc. VAT

Ricoma 1501TC-7S commercial embroidery machine

Single head touch control machine with 15 colours
  • £7995.00 + VAT
  • £9594.00 inc. VAT

Diamond Ricoma MT1501 embroidery machine (Used)

15 needles, machine stand & 12 hoops included.
  • £5500.00 + VAT
  • £6600.00 inc. VAT

Ricoma SWD-1501-8S LARGE AREA commercial embroidery machine

800mm x 500mm ultra large area single head touch control machine with 15 colours
  • £8995.00 + VAT
  • £10794.00 inc. VAT

Ricoma MT1502 twin head commercial embroidery machine

Two head model for increased production.
  • £12995.00 + VAT
  • £15594.00 inc. VAT
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