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Hemline Eyelet Pliers

Part number: 436
For application of standard size eyelets. (Use with #435).
  • £4.49

Hemline 6 Hole Punch Plier

Part number: 893
Suitable for Leather, Vinyls and most Craft Materials.
  • £11.95

Plastic Snap Pliers

Part number: 442
Plastic Snap Pliers for Hemline Plastic Snaps size 20 (T5)
  • £11.50

Plastic Snap Pliers with soft grip handle

Part number: 4421.1
Plastic Snap Pliers with soft grip handle.
  • £10.56

Hemline Paper Pattern Notcher

Part number: 448
Hemline Paper Pattern Notcher.
  • £10.35
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