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Take Care of your Sewing Machine - Seven Handy Tips

Here are seven handy tips from Hobkirk’s to help make sure your new sewing machine stays in tip-top condition.

  • Read the manual - This is the absolute best place to start. We recommend sitting down quietly with a coffee and reading your sewing machine’s manual right through before plugging in and switching on.

  • Look out for lint - Thread plus fabric equals lint and the build-up of this substance can lead to preventable wear and tear. Clean lint out regularly from all accessible areas of the machine using a soft brush, paying particular attention to the area around the bobbin case. It’s best to carry out this process at the end of every project to make sure lint buildup is prevented.

  • Use fresh, correct needles - Blunt or bent needles mean poor tension, skipped stitches and damaged fabric. You should also make sure that you are using the appropriate needle for the particular fabric being worked with.

  • Choose good thread - There are no two ways about it: poor thread means poor stitch quality. Leaving behind excessive amounts of dust and lint, cheap thread is inconsistent in quality and will not stitch correctly in sewing machines with electronic or auto tensions.

  • Keep it covered - When not in use, your sewing machine should be protected from dust and damp with an appropriate cover. We also recommend unplugging your machine during periods of inactivity.

  • Get the right accessories - There are many accessories to create the perfect sewing experience and Hobkirk’s offer a full complement of sewing machine accessories including sewing machine feet and guide grips.

  • Share your experience - We would love to hear from you about your experiences with using sewing machines. Have YOU got any tips & tricks you would like to share? Email us today and you could soon be featuring in our exciting monthly newsletter!

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