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The House of Sewing Machines

Sewing has been Wayne and Judi’s shared passion ever since Wayne bought her a simple treadle machine eight years ago. With an obsession well and truly sparked, the couple began trawling eBay and bought machine after machine, picking up some real classics along the way.

The collection represents 150 years of the sewing machine and includes many rare examples of early European models. All of the machines still work and the couple have been known to drive for hours to pick up one they particularly fancied.

“Machines today really aren't all that different mechanically to what the machines were back then”, says Wayne, “Basically, they got it right the first time”.

Among the impressive collection is the So-Easy, the very first brand of domestic sewing machine in Australia and one of only 15 of the model in the world. They also own a Moldacot, which is a pocket-sized lock stitch sewing machine made in 1886: "People are absolutely amazed”, says Judi.

The collection soon became a little too big to handle and so Wayne and Judi created a museum named A Century of Sewing. When the collection reached 500 machines, council regulations and high visitor numbers forced the museum's closure and so the couple decided to go mobile!  “We take them to the people”, said Wayne.

The couple enjoy a ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ when they are able to help restore old machines to their former glories: “that’s the reward we get out of it”, said Judi.

Wayne and Judi live in Australia so unless you’re planning on a visit Down Under then you won’t be able to see the collection from yourself! What you can do though is to feast your eyes on the amazing collection of domestic sewing machines available now from Hobkirk’s.

Images from http://­www.­abc.­net.­au/­local/­photos/­2015/­04/­09/­4213411.­htm (screen shots, not saved)

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