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The Pfaff Punching Machine - Save £100!

Hobkirk Sewing Machines are delighted to bring you a very special offer on one of our most exciting products, the Pfaff Hobby Punching Machine. If you want to meet ‘the creative partner to your sewing machine’ and save £100.00 into the bargain, then read on for more details..

Georg Michael Pfaff’s first sewing machine, designed for stitching leather shoes, was built by his own hand and officially established the Pfaff company in Germany in 1862. After enjoying much success, Pfaff moved to the UK where he opened up an equally successful sewing machine shop in London, using the extra revenue to expand and modernise his factory.

Georg died in 1893 and the business was taken over by his son, also named Georg. Pfaff continued to expand and modernise and is now run by a holding company who continue to use the Pfaff name as a mark of professional quality. As well as domestic, commercial and industrial sewing machines, the company also produce a range of accessories such as the Hobby punching machine.

The Hobby punching machine works by simply using a selection of specially-shaped needles to powerfully mesh fabric fibres together, creating unique and exciting effects. No thread is used - simply lay one piece of fabric on top of another and the Hobby does the rest. Any fabric - silk, denim, wool, yarn, felt - can be used and no two effects are ever the same, providing an infinite source of creative inspiration. Emboss, embellish, experiment!

The recommended retail price for this magical piece of equipment is £299.00 but, for a limited time, Hobkirk Sewing Machines are slashing this price by £100.00, representing a massive 33% saving. Delivery is, as with all UK mainland orders of domestic sewing machines and accessories over £30.00, absolutely free.

Check out a video of this amazing product in action at http://­youtu.­be/­ByFaCkOupFA.

To get your hands on the Hobby Punching Machine from Pfaff for just £199 including delivery, order before February 28th 2015 from Hobkirk Sewing Machines.

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