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Why Choose the Pfaff Hobby 350p Punching Machine?

The PFAFF Hobby 350p Punching Machine allows you to create unique and colourful effects without the use of thread. Instead of using thread, it works with several specially shaped needles to create the most unbelievable effects. All you need are scraps of fabric, yarn, wool, felt, denim, silk – each material results in a different effect. Just lay two or more materials on top of one another and you’re ready to go. The needles of the hobby™ 350p punching machine mesh the fibres of the fabrics together. The results are whimsical details and dramatic surfaces.

What are the main features of the PFAFF Hobby?

No thread required - The hobby 350 p punching machine simply meshes the fibres together.

Auto needles up - Every time you remove your foot from the foot control, the needles automati­cally stop in the up position. This makes it easy for you to move your project while creating. It also protects the needles from breaking.
Adjustable height - The scale on the needle guard helps you set the correct working height for your project.
Needle guard - A needle guard covers the needles for safety while punching.
Slender free arm - The slender free arm makes it easy to embellish around small, narrow projects such as jeans‘ legs, sleeves, etc.
Large working area - The large working area makes it easier for you when working on large projects.
Built in accessory tray - The integrated accessory tray is convenient and handy, it keeps your needles and gadgets in place

Give it a try! It’s pure creative fun and an unlimited source of inspiration. Available for FREE UK next day delivery when ordered before 2pm

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