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Accessories for 1200D Overlock/Cover Hem

Domestic Sewing Machine Needle - ELX705

Part number: ELx705
These needles are designed and recommended for use with Elna's 704 DEX Overlocker, Janome's CoverPro Series Cover Stitch and 1200d Overlock/­Coverhem Machines.
  • £3.95

Janome 1200D Auxilliary Thread Guide

Part number: 200811008
Prefer using industrial cone thread? Place extra large thread cones behind the machine on the table and attach the guide to the thread guide pole
  • £8.25

Janome 1200D Beading Foot (P)

Part number: 200809003
Beaded trims add that special touch to any project and this foot guides strands of pearls or beads perfectly into place.
  • £16.50

Janome 1200D Belt Loop Foot (L)

Part number: 200808002
Easily duplicate the belt loops found in the garment industry using a wide or triple cover hem stitch.
  • £33.00

Janome 1200D Bias Binder Foot (Adjustable)

Part number: 200810007
This adjustable foot allows you to attach 10mm to 40mm wide bias tape.
  • £16.50

Janome 1200D Blind Stitch Foot (D)

Part number: 200806000
The adjustable guide on the blind stitch foot ensures that any weights of fabric is trimmed, overlocked and invisibly hemmed in one quick step.
  • £36.30

Janome 1200D Chain Stitch Foot (F)

Part number: 200803306
Easily creates that professional finish with 3 needles stitching in tandem. Use with various guiding attachments for more specialised effects.
  • £16.50

Janome 1200D Cording Foot (Q)

Part number: 200802305
Couch narrow ribbon, create your own decorative trim...
  • £29.70

Janome 1200D Cover Hem Foot (M)

Part number: 200801304
The cover hem stitch is used by professionals as a hemming method. With the right attachments, you can use it to add lace or trim to a hem, fold fabric in a hem automatically, and make a perfect wrapped edge.
  • £16.50

Janome 1200D Elastic Gathering Foot C

Part number: 200805009
The elastic gathering foot not only takes the hard work out of attaching elastic, it is also great for making your own custom soutache.
  • £33.00

Janome 1200D Elastic Gathering Guide - 10mm

Part number: 200805205
10mm elastic guide, this attachment is for use with the Elastic Gathering Foot C part number 200805009.
  • £16.50

Janome 1200D Elastic Gathering Guide - 13mm

Part number: 200805308
13mm elastic guide, this attachment is for use with the Elastic Gathering Foot C part number 200805009.
  • £16.50
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