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Pfaff Accessories - Category A

Like sewing machines, accessories are designed to make sewing easier, more professional and therefore more enjoyable.

These accessories will fit all the Pfaff sewing machine models in the table below.

If you are not sure which items are compatible with your machine, call our freephone number on 08006 520880 and quote your model number and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Category A Models:

 * Hobby301  * Hobby 303  * Hobby 307  * Hobby 309  Varimatic 6085
 Varimatic 6085  Varimatic 6086  Varimatic 6087

* These sewing machines have a presser foot holder of 6mm. Because newer presser feet are produced to fit 8 mm holders, there may be a small gap between the holder and the presser foot attachment. You will need to change to the 8 mm presser foot holder when using the newer presser feet.

Pfaff Bias Binder Foot (Fits categories A, B, C, D, E, F, G and J)

Part number: 820245096
The bias binder is used to bind bias tape to the edge of fabric.
  • £27.84

Pfaff Non-Stick Foot

Part number: 820664-096
The non-stick foot is used to sew hard-to-feed fabrics.
  • £20.58

Pfaff Free- Motion/ Darning Foot (for categories A-except hobby 301, 307 & 309,C,D,E,F,G)

Part number: 820243-096
The Free-Motion/ Darning Foot is perfect for sewing free-motion embroidery or darning.
  • £27.84

Pfaff Blue Bobbins

Part number: 820779096
Pfaff Blue Bobbins.
  • £9.68

Pfaff Welting Foot

Part number: 820530-096
The welting foot and the twin welting foot are used to make trim for your home dec projects like pillows, cushions and other home accessories.
  • £15.60

Pfaff Piping Foot

Part number: 820532-096
The piping foot is used to stitch piping onto material which is useful for several projects.
  • £15.60

Pfaff Ruffler (for categories A, B, C, D, E, F, G)

Part number: 820255-096
With the ruffler, you can make closely or widely spaced pleats automatically while sewing.
  • £65.40

Pfaff Zipper Foot

Part number: 820287096
The Zipper Foot is the most important zipper tool and will help you stitch the zipper perfectly in place.
  • £20.58

Pfaff Narrow Piping Foot

Part number: 820918096
The Narrow Piping Foot is used to make trim for home dec projects, fashion projects or wherever you’d like to add a finishing touch!

Pfaff Creative Elite Embroidery Hoop 260 x 200mm

Part number: 413116502
Pfaff 260 x 200mm embroidery hoop.
  • £62.92

Husqvarna Large Hoop 240 x 150mm

Part number: 4125271
Husqvarna Large Hoop 240 x 150mm.
  • £12.00
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