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Sewing Machines for Beginners

Feeling inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee? Thinking about sewing for the first time? You'll want one of the best sewing machines for beginners to help you learn quick and easy but don't get stitched up when choosing your machine!
Here you will find our pick of the the best sewing machines for beginners. These machines are also the ones we would recommend for children - who of all ages can pick up sewing in just a day or two because it is fun, easy, and safe to do!

Brother L14S Sewing Machine

The L14S is the ideal beginners sewing machine and is perfect for basic alterations and repairs.
  • £99.00

Brother LX17 Sewing Machine

LX17 Traditional Metal Chassis Sewing Machine. Perfect for basic alterations and repairs.
  • £119.00

Brother LX25 Sewing Machine

The Brother LX25 is a Traditional Metal Chassis Sewing Machine with 25 built in stitches
  • £139.00

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine

Ideal for the novice dressmaker and for general curtain making and alterations around the house.
  • £169.00

Elna Explore 220 Sewing Machine

The Elna eXplore 220 is a mechanical sewing machine with 16 stitches & 4 step buttonhole. It's easy to operate, affordable and perfect for anyone learning to sew.
  • £199.00

Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine

Excellent starter machine for those new to sewing but also perfect for those that sew occasionally.
  • £199.00

Brother XR27NT Sewing Machine

This traditional sewing machine is ideal for repairs, dressmaking and home furnishing projects.
  • £189.00

Elna Explore 240 Sewing Machine

24 stitches including: Straight, Zigzag, Three-step zigzag, Stretch blind hem, Woven blind hem, Shell tuck, Box, Picot, 3 Decorative satin stitches and more...
  • £229.00

Janome J3-20 Sewing Machine

Upgraded model of the J3-18 with 20 built in stitches. A great all round machine.
  • £229.00

Brother XR37NT Sewing Machine

This traditional sewing machine features a wide range of 37 stitches suitable for many projects
  • £209.00

Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine

This machine is an upgraded version of the J3-20 machine with 24 stitches built in.
  • £259.00

Elna Explore 320 Sewing Machine

The Elna eXplore 320 sewing machine has 21 stitches and a 1 step buttonhole. An easy machine to use for anything from minor alterations to major new creations.
  • £269.00
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