Hobkirk Sewing Machines


The Sewing Machine Trade Association 
N.B. This is a return to base warranty

The machine or machines listed on your invoice are guaranteed for 12 months if new and for 3 months if used (unless otherwise stated). We, the undersigned, undertake to repair free of charge any fault which might develop, subject to the following conditions and exclusions: 
1. Damages and faults. 
1.1: Damage and faults caused by external factors e.g. accidental damage, fire, flood etc. 
 1.2: Damage and faults caused by the fitting parts, attachments and needles not suitable for the machine or application. 
 1.3: Damage and faults caused by the use of incorrect or inferior products including threads and work not suitable for the machine or its application. 
 1.4: Damage and faults caused by ignoring manufacturers/­suppliers maintenance requirements and instructions. 
 1.5: Damage and faults caused by incorrect use of the equipment or operator error.
1.6: Issues such as tensions, cotton locks, hook timing etc are NOT covered under warranty.
2. Replacement Parts. 
 High-mortality items that fail as a result of fair wear and tear are not covered by this warranty including needles, knives, bobbins, bobbin cases, sharpening media, feet, plates, folders, attachments, hooks, shuttles, loopers, belts etc. 
 3. This warranty is invalid if any payments remain unpaid to the supplier. 
 4. A charge for the engineer's travelling time will made and will be applied at the current rates. 
 5. Repairs or adjustments by unauthorized persons will invalidate this warranty. 
 Your statutory rights are not affected under the term of this warranty. 
 Make /  Model / Serial No: As detailed on the invoice.
 Supplier: Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd. 118 - 130 Darwen Street. Blackburn. BB2 2AJ

 Customer: As shown on the invoice.