Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Cutting Room Equipment

Dayang DYDB-1 Lay End Cutter

2.6 metre rail to fit tables up to 2.3m
  • £895.00 + VAT
  • £1074.00 inc. VAT

Dayang DYDB-2 (2.5m) Automatic Lay End Cutter

2.5 metre rail to fit tables up to 2.2m
  • £1495.00 + VAT
  • £1794.00 inc. VAT

Hoffman HD-1 Cloth Unrolling Device

Fits most cutting tables. Roll length up to 1.8m
  • £595.00 + VAT
  • £714.00 inc. VAT

Hoffman HD-5 Cloth Unrolling Device for up to 5 rolls

Fits most cutting tables. Roll length up to 1.8m
  • £795.00 + VAT
  • £954.00 inc. VAT

Hoffman HF-200T & HF-400T Series Band Knife Cutting Machines

The series HF200T and HF400T band knife cutting machines are convenient to use, highly efficient for precise slicing of cloth patterns for all sorts of multi-layered fabrics, where the total maximum thickness amounts to 200mm or 400mm.

Hoffman HF-PT2000 pneumatic upholstery table

Essential lifting workstation for any upholstery workshop
  • £1495.00 + VAT
  • £1794.00 inc. VAT

Hoffman round knife cutting machines

A range of round knife cutters available in 60mm, 10mm & 125mm blade sizes. Variable speed also available.

Hoffman straight knife cutters

Available in 7 blade lengths and two motor sizes.

Jema JM-110L automatic (cold) cutting machine

Cold Cut. Right angle (straight) cut. 105mm max. cut width.
  • £1095.00 + VAT
  • £1314.00 inc. VAT

Jema JM-150HX automatic hot knife cutting machine

Automatic, multifunction, hot knife cutting machine (straight or bevel cut) with automatic tape feeding & hole punching device
  • £8495.00 + VAT
  • £10194.00 inc. VAT

Jema JM-300S electronic tape feeder

Up to 100mm width.
  • £595.00 + VAT
  • £714.00 inc. VAT

Micro Top SM-201L Cloth Drill

200mm (8") drilling capacity with heating element.
  • £249.00 + VAT
  • £298.80 inc. VAT
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