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Accessories for Janome Sewing Machines Category C

Like sewing machines, accessories are designed to make sewing easier, more professional and therefore more enjoyable.

These accessories will fit all the Janome sewing and embroidery machine models in the table below, with the exception of a few, which are model specific.

If you are not sure which items are compatible with your machine, call us on 01254 693555 and quote your model number and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Janome Sewing and Embroidery Machine Model Category Identification Table:

Category C Model Numbers (MC = Memory Craft)

 Atelier 3  MC11000  MC10001  MC10000  MC9700  MC9500  MC9000  MC7700QCP

Janome 1/4" Seam Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200318000
The guide on the foot enables you to sew a perfect 1/4" seam every time. This foot will fit the following Janome machines: Category B and Category C
  • £19.00

Janome 3-way Cording Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200345006
This foot will fit the following Janome machines: Category B and Category C
  • £19.00

Janome Adjustable Zipper Foot/Piping Foot (Cat C)

Part number: 200334002
The piping foot will have its limitations when using thicker piping including the heavy jumbo cord and this is when the adjustable zipper foot will be invaluable.
  • £19.00

Janome Applique Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 202023001
This foot will fit the following Janome machines: Category B and Category C
  • £19.00

Janome Beading Foot Set (Set of 2) (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200321006
Sewing on strung beads and pearls has always been a tedious task but the beading feet now go some small way to alleviating this and to add pleasure to embellishing.
  • £26.00

Janome Bias Binder Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200313005
The bias binder foot is used to apply pre-folded bias binding to the edge of fabric in one easy step.
  • £19.00

Janome Blind Hemming Foot G (Cat B, C)

Part number: 825817009
Blind Hemming can sometimes be a little bit tricky so the blind hem foot (G) goes some way to helping improve this technique.
  • £19.00

Janome Bobbin (Plastic) Pack of 10

Part number: 200122005
Fits all models of Janome Sewing Machines apart from the MB-4 and 1600p, Pack of 10 Bobbins.
  • £8.00

Janome Border Guide Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200434003
Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? Now the Border Guide Foot helps you to easily match up your border designs with the red lines of the foot.
  • £26.00

Janome Button Sewing Foot (Cat B, C)

Part number: 200136002
Quick and easy button sewing with the special button sewing foot.
  • £19.00

Janome Circular Sewing Attachment

The circular stitcher is the ideal attachment for sewing circles using either straight stitch, zig-zag, decorative stitches or even lettering.
  • £49.00

Janome Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set (Cat B and C)

Part number: 200449001
Have you ever wanted to remove the guide from the 1/4 inch seam foot when piecing triangle squares?
  • £19.00
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