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Janome Sewing Machine Accessories

Please look at the tables below and identify which category your sewing machine is in, either A, B, C or D.

Each foot, accessory and attachment will be clearly labelled with a category letter.  If an item has no category letter then it will state which model it fits.

If you are not sure which items are compatible with your machine, call our team in the shop on 01254 693555, quote your model number and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Janome Sewing and Embroidery Machine Model Category Identification Table:

Category A Model Numbers - Click here to view Category 'A' Accessories

 1000CS  1004  1012a  1014  1018s  1220  1550  1560  1571  1580  1585  1714
 1722  1780  2015  2023  2032  2039  2041  2050  2070  2139  216s  217s
 2200XT  3816  3822  415  419s  423s  660  CJ14  CJ24  DM21  ENX24  ES14N
 J1012  J1024  J3-18  J3-20  J3-24  PS1024  PS1030  RX18s  Simplicity  SMD500  XR23  DE1800
 DM1000  DM1018  DM1108  DM1118  LX180  DEX20  DEX25  JL110        

Category B Model Numbers - Click here to view Category 'B' Accessories
(MC = Memory Craft, JG = Jem Gold, M/S = My Style)

 521  525s  625e  659  2522LE  4018  4023  4035  4052  4618
 4623  5018  5024  5030  5050  5124  6019QC  6125QC  6260QC  7025
 8050XL  8077  BCC-30  CC500  CC1000  CM2200  CP5000  CXL301  DC3050  DC4030
 DC4100  DKS30  DKS100  DXL603  JG/660  JG 2/661  JG+/661C  JLX2000  JP720  JP760
 Jubilee85  MC4800  MC4800QC  MC4900QC  MC5000  MC5200  MC5900QC  MC6500P  MXL50  M/S 22
 M/S 2522  QXL605  SL30X  TXL607  XC50  XL30  XL601  XR33  XC33  DM300
 DM200  5024  5030  5050  7025  DC3050  DC6030  DC7100  DEX30  

Category C Model Numbers (MC = Memory Craft) - Click here to view Category 'C' Accessories

 Atelier 3  MC11000SE  MC11000  MC10001  MC10000  MC9700  MC9500  MC9000
 MC7700QCP  MC6600P            

Category D Model Numbers (MC = Memory Craft) - Click here to view Category 'D' Accessories

 Atelier 5  Atelier 7  Atelier 9  MC15000  MC14000  MC12000  MC9900  MC9400  MC8900QCP  MC8200QC

Janome Memory Craft 1600P/PQC Accessories

Janome Memory Craft 6600P and Horizon 7700QCP Accessories (See Category 'C' also)

Janome Overlock & Coverstitch Accessories

Janome Embroidery Accessories

Janome Xpression / FM725 Accessories

Janome Button Sewing Shank Plate

Part number: 832820007
The Janome button sewing shank plate is designed to be used with a Janome machine when sewing on buttons. The shank plate is placed between the button and the fabric.
  • £8.00

Janome Double-Ended Marker Pen

Part number: 917081000
Janome double-ended marker pen- used to temporarily mark fabric.
  • £4.00
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