Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd


Sew Easy Tailors Pressing Ham

Part number: H4160
Sew Easy Tailors Pressing Ham.
  • £10.50

Sew Easy Sleeve Pressing Roll

Part number: H4161
Sew Easy Sleeve Pressing Roll.
  • £7.30

Hemline Paper Pattern Notcher

Part number: 448
Hemline Paper Pattern Notcher.
  • £10.35

Smiley Magnetic Seam Guide

Part number: N4352
Available in 4 colours: Pink, Black, Blue and Lilac.
  • £2.15

Sew Easy French Curve

Part number: NL4199
Sew Easy French Curve Ruler.
  • £11.45

Sew Easy Curve Ruler

Part number: NL4196
Sew Easy Curve Ruler.
  • £12.35

Sew Easy Dressmakers Square

Part number: NL4197
Sew Easy Dressmakers Square.
  • £27.25

Vilene Stretchfix T30

Part number: 53562285
Elastic, heat activatable adhesive web on transfer paper.
  • £4.20

Milward Anorak Press Fasteners

Part number: 219 1209
Rustproof press fasteners for use with anoraks or medium weight fabrics. Tool and easy instructions included.
  • £7.50

Trimits Pineapple Pattern Weights

Part number: PW01/284
Fun, novelty pattern weights for keeping fabrics or dress making patterns in place.
  • £8.99

EZ Quilting Bamboo Pointer & Creaser

Part number: 882108A
Ez Quilting Bamboo Pointer & Creaser, useful for pressing seams, turning corners, and folding fabric.
  • £1.50

Siesta Finger Presser

Part number: LS-381
Siesta Finger Presser excellent for opening and folding a seam.
  • £3.48
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