Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Sprays & Oils

Spirit 5 Temporary Adhesive Spray 500ml

Widely used in the textile industry for fastening of: embroidered elements of clothing [appliqués], patterns during cutting or drawing.
  • £8.95

Spirit 5 Strong Temporary Adhesive Spray 500ml

SPIRIT 5 STRONG is a new, even more effective formula of SPIRIT 5 - temporary adhesive spray of stronger sticking effect.
  • £9.50

Spirit 77 MAX Stain Remover Spray 400ml

Spirit 77 MAX is an effective agent for removing greasy fresh spots on clothing, upholstery, carpets. Useful at home, indispensable in industry.
  • £6.99

LB5 Embroidery Machine Lubricant 300ml

Part number: LB5
LB5 embroidery machine lubricant spray was developed specifically for embroidery machines.
  • £5.79 + VAT
  • £6.95 inc. VAT
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