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Pfaff Accessories - Category K

Like sewing machines, accessories are designed to make sewing easier, more professional and therefore more enjoyable.

These accessories will fit all the Pfaff sewing machine models in the table below.

If you are not sure which items are compatible with your machine, call our freephone number on 08006 520880 and quote your model number and we will provide you with the relevant information.

Category K Models:

 Ambition 1.0  Ambition 1.5  Quilt Ambition 2.0  Ambition Essential
 Passport 2.0  Smarter 140s  Smarter 160s

Pfaff Sew-on Button Foot (Fits category C, D, E, F, G, J and K)

Part number: 820473-096
Sewing on buttons can be a tedious job-but not when you use the sew-on button foot!
  • £22.18

Pfaff Adjustable Guide Foot with IDT (Fits category D, E, F,G, J and K only for machines with IDT)

Part number: 820677-096
The adjustable guide foot is used for guiding your topstitching and decorative stitching.
  • £20.58

Pfaff Seam Guide Foot For IDT System

Part number: 820772096
The Seam Guide Foot for IDT™ system guides your stitching perfectly when joining fabrics.
  • £20.58

Pfaff Manual Buttonhole Foot

Part number: 820672096
The Sensormatic Buttonhole Foot provides the perfect buttonhole.
  • £20.58

Pfaff 2mm Rolled Hem Foot

With the Rolled Hem Foot, you can hem light to medium weight fabrics for clothing and home decorating items without having to pre-iron the fabric edges.
  • £20.58

Pfaff Narrow Edge Foot for IDT System

Part number: 820609096
The Narrow Edge Foot is perfect for precision topstitching and joining lace and/or fabric edges together (for example, attaching lace to a finished fabric edge).
  • £20.58

Pfaff Join & Fold Edging Foot for IDT System

Part number: 820931096
Use the Join and Fold Edging Foot together with different types of edging, such as lace, embroidered edging or varying fabrics.
  • £13.92

Pfaff Right Edge Bi-level Foot for IDT System

Part number: 821007096
The Right Edge bi-level Foot guides your fabric with raised seams easily.
  • £23.00

Pfaff Clear Plastic Bobbins, 10-pack

Part number: 821038096
Pfaff Clear Plastic Bobbins, 10-pack
  • £9.68

Pfaff Circular Attachment

Part number: 821026096
Your Circular Attachment is the perfect tool when you want to make unique embellishments on your sewing projects, garments and quilts.
  • £49.90

Pfaff Multi-line Decorative Foot

Part number: 821082096
The Multi-line Decorative Foot is designed to help you create parallel rows of decorative stitches that are evenly spaced.
  • £25.30

Pfaff 9mm Pintuck Foot with Decorative Stitch Guide

Part number: 820776096
With this foot, you can accurately sew pintucks with a spacing of 5mm or 11mm. The same foot allows you to precisely space decorative ­stitches up to 6mm or 9mm wide between the pintucks.
  • £13.92
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