Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Pattern Sewers

PDS Software for Zoje Pattern Sewers

Create your own stitch patterns for all Zoje pattern stitchers
  • £395.00 + VAT
  • £474.00 inc. VAT

ZOJE ZJ1900DSS-0604P-J-TP (60 x 40mm) Pattern Sewing Machine

Supplied fully assembled on high quality Brinaco RU/C stand with castors and high quality European type table top
  • £2995.00 + VAT
  • £3594.00 inc. VAT

Zoje ZJ5770A-1510HD (150 x 100mm) pattern sewer with flip over device

Supplied complete on unit stand with tabletop.
  • £6995.00 + VAT
  • £8394.00 inc. VAT

Zoje ZJ5770A-1510HG1 (150 x 100mm) pattern sewer

Supplied complete on unit stand with tabletop.
  • £6995.00 + VAT
  • £8394.00 inc. VAT

Zoje ZJ-M3-S500-SF-V2 pattern sewing machine

800 x 500mm sewing area.
  • £9995.00 + VAT
  • £11994.00 inc. VAT

Zoje ZJ-M6-GS900-SF-Laser K2-V2 pattern sewing machine

1300 x 900mm sewing area with CO2 laser cutting.

Zoje AM5 Open Frame (1300 x 900mm)

1300 x 900mm to fit Zoje AM5 pattern sewing machine
  • £750.00 + VAT
  • £900.00 inc. VAT

Zoje Extension Rail to fit AM5 machine

Increase the sewing area of the AM5 machine from 1300mm to 2100mm. (Left to right).
  • £1000.00 + VAT
  • £1200.00 inc. VAT

Seiko SAM-40 Post Bed Ornamental Stitching Machine

Twin needle, large hook. 12 built in patterns plus option to create up to 99 patterns.

Seiko SAM-22 Super Heavy Duty Pattern Sewer

Oscillating shuttle hook. Heated thread cutting system.
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