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baby lock Acclaim Overlocker

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Your overlocking is about to receive a new level of critical Acclaim! The baby lock Acclaim features RevolutionAir™ Threading that threads the loopers with just the touch of a button and then threads the needles with the touch of another. You’ll also overlock tension-free with the Automatic Thread Delivery™ System (ATD) and the exclusive Wave Stitch will expand your creative options even further, making every one of your creations stand out like no other.

Machine Type      -      Overlock
Number Of Needles      - 1-2
Number Of Threads      - 4/3/2
Stitches Per Minute      - 1500
Stitch Length      - 0.75-4mm
Stitch Width      - 2-9mm
Differential Feed      - 0.6-2:1
Needle Threader      - Automatic

Unique Loopers
The baby lock Acclaim features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your babylock acclaim fit for more difficult tasks.

Auxiliary Looper/­Converter
The Acclaim's auxiliary looper / converter can be easily activated for a two-thread stitch. Since it is firmly connected to the upper looper, it can't get lost or misplaced.

RevolutionAir Threading System
The RevolutionAir™ threading system, which is built into a coverlock for the first time, makes threading your Acclaim child's play. From now on, a gust of air will not only thread the loopers but also the eyes of the needles. What's more, you can thread the machine automatically in any order you like.

Automatic Thread Delivery
The Acclaim leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ease of use and the processing of a wide variety of fabrics. Thanks to the automatic thread delivery (ATD), different materials and threads pose no problem for this machine. Even handling difficult fabrics becomes child‘s play because the machine always provides the correct setting to achieve an optimum sewing result. The thread quality is irrelevant. Whether a sturdy yarn or an ultra-thin thread, the seams always look neat.

Adjustment Possibilities
Your baby lock Acclaim lets you adjust the stitch width quickly and easily. You can deactivate the cutter quickly and easily with a switch if you want to sew closed or tube-like pieces of clothing. The same switch reactivates the cutter whenever you need it. The cutter does not is not fully retracted and you can use it as a guide.

Wave Stitch
The baby lock Acclaim not only conjures up a variety of overlock seams, it also overlocks the decorative wave seam. It offers 4 different wave seam variants. In combination with different sewing threads the Wave seam of the baby lock Acclaim is a real feast for the eyes. Your seams get a whole new and fantastic look.

4/3/2 Thread Overlocking
Finish projects with quality and versatility - easily switch from 4, 3 or 2 thread rolled hemming options.

Differential Feed
Stretch fabrics often cause problems such as puckering or distorted seams that leave you in despair. Thanks to its differential feed, the Acclaim guarantees an optimum feed of stretch fabrics and thus prevents puckering or protruding seams. You can also use the Acclaim's differential feed to produce fanciful gathering or stretching effects.

Built-in Accessory Compartment
No more tiresome searching for the correct enlighten accessory. The handy accessory compartment under the thread spool holder on the right side of the machine contains all important tools. The accessories it can hold include:
- Tweezers
- Needles
- Spare needle screws
- Spare cutters
- Screw driver for needle screws
- Soft brush with guide to insert the needles

Magnetic Tool Minder
Magnetic shelf, integrated in accessory compartment. E.g. for storing needles.

Extra Large Presser Foot Lift of 8mm
Higher layers of fabric fit between the feet and the conveyor.

LED Sewing Light
LEDs provide perfect light in the sewing area

Stitch Length
One and the same dial lets you modify the stitch length and change over the Acclaim to the rolled hem option. Simply read the setting value on the dial's scale.

Stitch Width
Since both the Acclaim's cutter and the chaining finger move together, it really is the stitch width that changes and not just the cutting width, as with other conventional machines. This prevents overcutting and undercutting.

This machine comes with a 2-year warranty, with an additional 2 years available once registered with baby lock.

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baby lock Beading Foot (For Overlock Machines)

The bead and sequin foot helps you sew bead and sequin ribbons, lead band as well as cords on to your fabric and produce fanciful effects.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Blind Hem Foot (For Overlock Machines)

The blind hem foot lets you sew invisible hems on medium- to heavy weight fabrics.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Compendium

Designed as a practical guide and inspiring companion for creative work.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Elastic Foot (For Overlock Machines)

The elastic foot lets you sew on elastic tapes of different widths with an even stretch.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Extension Table

The extra large extension table made of acrylic glass provides plenty of space for you to easily handle larger sewing projects.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Flat Sole Foot (For Overlock Machines)

Perfect for textured fabrics and heavy fabrics, as it will slide effortlessly over the layers.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Foot Set (For Overlock Machines)

Use all the options of this set to process different functional or decorative accessories.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Hand Needle Threader

Automatically aligns and holds your needle into the correct position ready for you to insert into your sewing machine, whilst enabling easy threading of the needle.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Lace Applicator Foot (For Overlock Machines)

This foot is the perfect solution when you want to sew lace or decorative trims onto your fabric.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Looper Threading Wire 390mm

Wire threader used for threading thicker, decorative threads.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Needle Inserter with Brush

This inserter holds your needle steady, ready for easy machine insertion and removal.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Piping Foot 3mm (For Overlock Machines)

This foot has a special guide groove in its sole. The piping or cord is fed precisely via this groove and can thus be inserted between two layers of fabric professionally.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Piping Foot 5mm (For Overlock Machines)

This foot has a special guide groove in its sole. The piping or cord is fed precisely via this groove and can thus be inserted between two layers of fabric professionally.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Shirring/Gathering Foot (For Overlock Machines)

The shirring foot is used to join two layers of fabric and gather the lower layer at a ratio of 2:1 in one go. Increasing the differential feed and stitch length will gather the fabric even more
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Sliding Foot (For Overlock Machines)

This foot‘s sole has a special coating that lets you sew materials such as oilcloth, fleece, etc. without difficulty
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Studio Workstation

A sewing table is now available again for all „big“ baby lock machines. It turns your workplace into an oasis of well-being!
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Transparent Flat Sole Foot (For Overlock Machines)

This baby lock clear, transparent, flat sole foot provides great visibility and accuracy making stitching so much easier!
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Transparent Presser Foot (For Overlock Machines)

This is the transparent variant of the standard presser foot.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Trim Bin

This trim bin is more than its name might suggest! Apart from catching any trimmings and cut threads, it is a stable support for your machine with four small non-slip rubber feet.
Price incl. VAT
baby lock Trolley Bag

Perfect for transporting your machine safely and conveniently
Price incl. VAT

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