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Lewis & Irene | Christmas Glow

Our first ever glow in the dark Christmas collection!

This magical fabric range includes glow in the dark bunting, stockings and glow in the dark letters. The letters can be stitched onto your stockings or they can be used for other fun crafts all year round. There’s a full width glow in the dark panel with lots of things to make for a Christmas Elf and the glow in the dark stars make a beautiful coordinate. The Santa scene wow’s when you turn off the lights to see the busy elves at work and the reindeer in their stables…

Lewis & Irene - Glow Letters Panel (C49)

Part number: C49
Available in 3 colours: Pink and Grey, Red and Blue.
  • £6.25

Lewis & Irene - Elf Accessories (C50)

Part number: C50
Available in 3 colours: Blue, Pink and Red & Green.
  • £10.80

Lewis & Irene - Stocking (C51)

Part number: C51
Available in 2 colours: Blue and Red.
  • £10.80

Lewis & Irene - Christmas Bunting (C52)

Part number: C52
Available in 2 colours: Blue & Grey, Pink & Red.
  • £6.25
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