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Cutting Table Legs

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Perfect for constructing cutting, service and install tables.

The set consists of the stand, elongated and triangular crossbeams, which make possible to install next table metre.
The stands can be mounted to make the table any length (in 1m multiples) and the width not less then 170 cm (measurement of steel stand).

Top table should be a minimum of 170cm.

When ordering, it is necessary to remember, that the first stand is placed in position zero, therefore when there is need to make e.g. a 6 metre construction, then 7 sets must be ordered. (every time one piece more then the length in metres).

For 1 metre  - order 2 sets
For 2 metre  - order 3 sets
For 3 metre  - order 4 sets
For 4 metre  - order 5 sets
For 5 metre  - order 6 sets
And so on.

The stand is made from steel, the height adjustment is 88-95 cm. It is also possible to install a lower shelf of 162 cm width. It is silver powder varnished.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please call to discuss delivery, due to the length of the item we will need to quote this seperately.

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