Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Dove House

Inspired by a peaceful place in the depths of the countryside where you can hear nothing but birdsong and the breeze.

A home full of love and laughter shared with family and friends each year … ‘Dove House’

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Dove House (A165)

Part number: H150003
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Chalk Hearts (A166)

Part number: a166
Available in Blush and Slate
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Love Tree (A167)

Part number: a167
Available in 3 colours - Light Cream, Duck Egg and Night
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Hearts (A168)

Part number: A168
Available in Pink Hearts on light cream.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Doves (A169)

Part number: a169
Available in 3 colours - Duck Egg Doves, Blush Doves and White Doves.
  • £2.75
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