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Elna eXperience 520 Sewing Machine

The eXperience 520 is a versatile machine that can handle any type of fabric. It comes with 30 stitches and 6 one-step buttonhole.
  • £399.00

Elna 664 Overlocker

Does hemming skirts or sewing stretch fabrics seem difficult to you? Not with Elna 664, and what better ally than the Elna 664? Neatly cutting, hemming and sewing in no time at all - avoiding loose threads.
  • £269.00

Elna 664PRO Overlocker

Hey girls, make your skirt hem or sew stretch fabrics seem you difficult? Not with the Elna 664PRO! Want an ally for your sewing machine? With the Elna 664PRO you can sew with 2, 3 or 4 threads.
  • £449.00

Elna Explore 220 Sewing Machine

The Elna eXplore 220 is a mechanical sewing machine with 16 stitches & 4 step buttonhole. It's easy to operate, affordable and perfect for anyone learning to sew.
  • £169.00

Elna Explore 320 Sewing Machine

The Elna eXplore 320 sewing machine has 21 stitches and a 1 step buttonhole. An easy machine to use for anything from minor alterations to major new creations.
  • £239.00

Elna 120 Ironing Press

Domestic type scissor action dry press.
  • £299.00

Elna Excellence 680 Sewing Machine

This 170 built-in stitch machine offers top-of-the-line features like an Automatic Thread Cutter and Tension System, and 7-piece feed dog.
  • £999.00

Elna Experience 580 Sewing Machine

The eXperience 580 has the power, precision and convenience you need to discover your creative potential.
  • £799.00

Elna Explore 240 Sewing Machine

24 stitches including: Straight, Zigzag, Three-step zigzag, Stretch blind hem, Woven blind hem, Shell tuck, Box, Picot, 3 Decorative satin stitches and more...
  • £189.00

Elna Explore 340 Sewing Machine

25 stitches, one-step buttonhole, stitch length up to 4 mm, stitch width up to 5mm, needle position variable between left and center.
  • £279.00

Elna Experience 540 Sewing Machine

50 built-in stitches including buttonholes, quilting, patchwork and fancy stitches, 3 one-step buttonholes: classic, jeans, etc.
  • £449.00

Elna Easycover Coverhem Machine

This new coverlock is the perfect companion machine to an elna serger and produces the cover hem and chain stitch.
  • £519.00
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