Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis & Irene | Enchanted Forest

Inspired by ancient woodland and an adventurous hunt for fairy doors.

See tiny fairy houses nestled among the pretty snowdrops, cosy burrow homes to snuggle in when it’s cold outside, and splendid magical creatures in our …‘Enchanted Forest’

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Snowdrops (A186)

Part number: a186
Available in Dusky red, Midnight blue.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Fairy houses (A187)

Part number: a187
Available in 3 colours - Light biscuit, Chocolate, and Midnight.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Bunny Tunnels (A188)

Part number: a188
Available in 3 colours - Earth, Clay red, Forest green.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Owls (A189)

Part number: a189
Available in 3 colours - Latte, Forest green, Midnight blue.
  • £2.75
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