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Novelty Fabrics

Welcome to the novelty fabric section of our online fabric shop!
Here you will find all our Disney & Marvel Fabrics including Frozen, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh & much more!
All our Novelty fabrics are £13.00/m.

Marvel Avengers Panel

Part number: N150107
Marvel Avengers Assemble Panel
  • £11.00

Nutex Fabric - Antman Panel

Cotton Panel with Antman Print
  • £11.00

Olaf Fabric

Olaf Cotton Fabric
  • £3.25

Sisters Frozen Panel

Cotton Panel with Anna & Elsa Print
  • £11.00

Nutex Fabric - Disney Bambi Fabric

Part number: N150115
Disney Bambi Woodland Dreams Fabric
  • £3.25

Nutex Fabric - Bambi & Thumper Fabric

Disney Bambi & Thumper Fabric
  • £3.25

Nutex Fabric - Bambi Panel

Part number: H170479
Bambi 90cm Panel
  • £11.00

Winnie the Pooh Fabric

Part number: N150117
Winnie the Pooh with Piglet & Tigger
  • £3.25

Tinkerbell Panel

Part number: H170478
Tinkerbell 90cm Panel
  • £11.00

Minnie Mouse Dream Panel

Minnie Mouse Quilt Panel
  • £11.00

Michael Miller | Fairy Frost Glitter Fabric

Fairy Frost glitter fabrics available in a variety of colours!
  • £3.50

Makower | Spacemen (1755)

Part number: 1755 (H1501860
Spacemen 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.00
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