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Lewis & Irene | Fairy Lights

Lewis & Irene's first glow in the dark collection!
Fairies flutter around their tall tree houses and their little lanterns give a warm glow. Pretty unicorns dance through the forest amongst magical flowers …

Lewis & Irene - Fairy Houses

Part number: A306
Available in 3 colours: Grey, Natural and Dusk.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Glow Sparkles

Part number: A307
Available in 3 colours: Mist, Dusky pink and Midnight.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Fairies

Part number: A309
Available in 3 colours: Warm Lavender, Dusky Green and Grey.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Magical Flowers

Part number: A310
Available in 3 colours: Pink, Grey and Dusky Blue.
  • £3.12

LIMITED TIME ONLY - 500g Scrap Bag

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Approx 500g scrap bag filled with fabric off cuts and pieces. £5.00 each. WHILE STOCKS LAST!
  • £5.00
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