Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis and Irene | Farley Mount

Inspired by a ride across the Hampshire countryside, a few miles from our office, to a monument that stands as a memorial to a magnificent 18th century thoroughbred …. ‘Farley Mount’

Lewis & Irene - Farley Mount (A225)

Part number: A225
Available in Mustard gold.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Horseshoes (A226)

Part number: A226
Available in red.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Horses (A227)

Part number: A227
Available in 3 colours: Natural, red and warm grey.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Rosettes (A228)

Part number: A228
Available in Dark blue.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Gallop (A229)

Part number: A229
Available in chocolate.
  • £2.87
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