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Lewis and Irene | Flo's Wildflowers

Our collection of some of your favourite wildflowers include: Forget-me-nots, Wild Roses, Bluebells, Lily of the Valley and Daisies.

Contemporary designs with gentle hues in these pretty florals are perfect for all your sewing projects.  Go wild with your creativity … ‘Flo’s Wildflowers’

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Wild Rose (FLO9)

Part number: FLO9
Available in 4 colours - Pink, Pink and Yellow, Peach and Red.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Forget-me-nots (FLO8)

Part number: FLO8
Available in 4 colours - Grey, Teal, and Light Grey.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Bluebells (FLO10)

Part number: FLO10
Available in 4 colours - Linen, Dusky Plum, Blue and Cream.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Lily of the valley (FLO11)

Part number: FLO11
Available in Latte.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Daises (FLO12)

Part number: FLO12
Available in 4 colours - Latte, Blue, Cream and Sage Green.
  • £2.87
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