Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis & Irene | Grandma's Garden

Inspired by Irene’s country garden.

Blissful childhood memories playing on freshly cut grass and of trees and flowers that would look much smaller now … ‘Grandma’s Garden’ 

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Buddleia (A196)

Part number: A196
Available in 3 colours - Pink, Blue and Lilac.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Poppy (A197)

Part number: A197
Available in Pink.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Bird houses (A198)

Part number: A198
Available in 3 colours - Light Cream, Pink, and Lilac.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene Fabric - Garden Gnomes (A199)

Part number: A199
Available in 3 colours - White, Pale Blue and Natural.
  • £2.87
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