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Hemline | Elastic Glides

Hemline | Elastic Glides

3 pack Elastic Guides

Part number: H243
£1.29 + VAT


Elastic Glides
Assorted sizes: 6mm, 12mm, and 20mm. Elastic Glides offer an easy way to insert elastic or ribbon into pyjamas, skirts, tracksuits etc. Convenient assorted sizes fit most elastic widths. 
Excellent aid for threading various widths of elastic through shorts, pyjamas and swimwear, etc. Stops twisting and keeps elastic taut.

1. Using the correct sized glide, thread the elastic into the slot A. Allow at least 3" of elastic to pass through the slot, for easy threading.
2. Thread the same end back through the B slot.
3. Pull the shorter end of the elastic firmly, creating a secure grip with the longer end of the elastic. 
4. Proceed to thread the elastic guide through the entire casing without twisting and snagging. 


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