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Hemline | Sew In Velour Tape

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Hemline Sew In Velour Tape 
Package contains: 20mm x 30cm available in black or white.

Suitable for all kinds of applications where a quick, easy opening and closing action is required. Strong and adjustable, durable, will not rust or rattle, not affected by water or sand. Can be sewn, glued, stapled, riveted, screwed or nailed. 

Cut tape to required length and trim corners to eliminate sharp points. Hand or machine sew along all four edges. Where extra strength is needed, sew an additional row down the middle or across diagonally to form a cross. Place the firm (hook) tape onto the surfaces and the soft (loop) tape onto the object. 

When using rivets, nails or screws, use a washer or flat strip between the tape and the hardware to avoid tearing. 

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