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Accessories for the Janome Memory Craft 1600P/PQC

These accessories are for the Janome Memory Craft 1600P and 1600PQC Sewing Machine.

Janome 1/4" Seam Foot for 1600P/1600PQC

Part number: 767820105
A popular foot with patchworkers for that essential 1/4" seam. The guide on the foot enables you to sew a perfect 1/4" seam allowance, quickly and accurately.
  • £26.00

Janome Adjustable Seam Guide for Memory Craft 1600P & 1600PQC

Part number: 767411017
This accurate seam guide provides an easy reference for seam allowances helping you to sew faster and with more confidence.
  • £26.00

Janome Adjustable Zipper Foot for Memory Craft 1600P & 1600PQC

Part number: 767408011
The adjustable zipper foot makes insertion of the standard zips easy and more professional.
  • £26.00

Janome Concealed Zip Foot

Part number: 767410016
Janome Concealed Zip Foot for sewing invisible zips.
  • £26.00

Janome Convertible Free-Motion Quilting Foot Set

Part number: 767433004
Janome convertible free-motion quilting foot set- made specifically for the 1600P series.
  • £43.00

Janome Darning Foot with Darning Plate

Part number: 767409012
This foot is used for 'freehand' embroidery, stippling and darning to ensure proper stitch formation
  • £35.00

Janome Darning Foot with Heavy Duty Plate

Part number: 767827009
Sometimes sewing heavier fabrics can affect the flow of your stitching. The MC1600P/PQC has an additional darning foot and heavy duty needleplate to eliminate any such problems.
  • £43.00

Janome Ditch Quilting Foot

Part number: 767824109
The Ditch Quilting Foot is designed with a centre position metal blade. This will follow your seam lines precisely allowing perfect 'in the ditch' quilting.
  • £26.00

Janome Straight Stitch Foot (Narrow)

Part number: 767406019
The narrow straight stitch foot is an ideal option to the standard presser foot. It is a perfect aid when sewing piping or flanged trims and zips
  • £26.00

Janome Straight Stitch Foot and Needleplate for fine fabrics

Part number: 767405018
Another useful sewing aid is the straight stitch foot with the special needle plate for sewing fine fabrics.
  • £26.00

Janome Taping Foot

Part number: 767412018
The taping foot helps to attach seam tape binding when sewing garments in knit and stretch fabrics.
  • £26.00

Janome Ultra Glide Foot

Part number: 767404028
The ultra glide foot is moulded from a special resin allowing easier sewing of fabrics that may otherwise stick to the standard metal foot
  • £26.00
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