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Juki MCS1800 Coverstitch Machine

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The JUKI MCS-1800 Coverstitch machine is a perfect complement to your JUKI overlock machine. Cover stitches are possible with 3 or 4 threads in a width of 2.5 mm to 5 mm as well as the chain stitch with 2 threads. With this selection, fabrics of any kind can be processed effortlessly: highly elastic fabrics such as for sportswear or lingerie as well as knit and jersey fabrics. The chain stitch can also be used wonderfully for solid fabrics such as canvas for home accessories such as pillows.


  • Presser foot lifter

The presser foot is higher at its tip in order to allow the fabric to easily be inserted at the start of sewing. In addition, raising the presser foot lifter to the first position raises the presser foot 8 mm. Further raising the presser foot lifter raises the presser foot to 10 mm. This allows you to easily insert even thick layers of fabric, for example, when attaching ribbing, under the presser foot.

  • Adjustable differential feed

Adjust the differential feed to sew beautiful finishes, even with stretch fabrics such as knits and georgette.

  • Simple looper threading

The looper can easily be threaded since it can be lowered at the press of a button.

  • Extension plate with seam guide lines

The seam guide lines on the extension plate are a useful aid for sewing.

  • Adjustable presser foot pressure

The presser foot pressure can be adjusted according to the type of fabric being sewn.

  • Presser foot with guide

A presser foot equipped with a guide that presses down on both the left and right sides is provided as a standard accessory.

  • Exterior thread cutter

The exterior thread cutter is useful when removing the fabric after raising the presser foot at the end of sewing.

​This machine comes with a 2-year warranty

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Juki Coverstitch Hem Guide

This guide is used for setting the folded width of the fabric and the stitching position for coverstitching.
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Juki Double Chain Presser Foot

This presser foot is designed specifically for sewing chain stitches.
Price incl. VAT
Juki Roller Foot

This presser foot is used for materials that do not feed well, such as vinyl coated fabric, leather, and terry cloth.
Price incl. VAT
Juki Standard Presser Foot

This presser foot is used for regular overlock stitching. It can also be used for swing in tape while overlocking the edge of the fabric.
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