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Lewis & Irene - Make Your Own Bluebell Skirt!

June 2016 edition of 'Sewing World' magazine features a fantastic project designed by Sally Ablett using Lewis & Irene Bluebell Wood Fabric. The pretty skirt is perfect for little girls this Summer - a must have for holidays!
What you will need:
  • 35-60cm fabric Nighttime Floral Silhouette (Fabric 1)
  • 25cm of contrast fabric Bluebells (Fabric 2)
  • 1m of 1.9cm wide elastic
  • 2 buttons

To cut:

  • Cut Fabric 1 for main skirt (refer to sizing chart on the right for the fabric dimensions of your chosen size)
  • Cut 4 x 16.5cm x 22cm of Fabric 2

To sew:

  1. Trim the selvidge edge from your fabric piece. Sew the two short edges together to create the back seam using a french seam method; stitch a scant 6mm seam with the wrong sides together. Turn the fabric wrong side out (right sides together) and stitch another 6mm seam to enclose raw edges. Press.
  2. Turn a 6mm seam on the hem edge and press. Turn the folded edge up again about 1.3cm, press into place and stitcjh down.
  3. Make the waistband casing at the top edge of skirt by pressing under a 6mm turning. Turn another 3cm press into place.
  4. Topstitch all the way around the top of the waistband casing, 2mm from the folded edge,
  5. Sew along the lower edge of waistband casing, seam leaving a 3cm opening at the centre back to thread the elastic through.
  6. Cut a length of elastic to fit around your little one adding an extra 2.5cm. Thread the elastic through the waistband casing.
  7. Stitch the two pieces of elastic together about 1.3cm from the end. Open the seam flat and stitch elastic down on each side. Stitch to close the waistband casing.
  8. To make the pockets, place the pocket sections together in pairs with right sides together. Sew all the way around the pocket leaving a small opening for turning. Clip the corners and turn to the right side.
  9. Sew up the opening and press. Topstitch across the upper edge about 6mm from the edge.
  10. Place the pockets on the sides of the skirt 8cm up from hem edge and stitch into place on the side and lower edge of pocket. Finally, add buttons to the outside corner of the pockets to decorate.

Taken from June 2016 Edition of Sewing World Magazine. Visit the website here or pick up your copy in store today!

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