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Lewis & Irene | Michaelmas

In the UK, Michaelmas is celebrated on the 29th of September and is associated with the beginning of Autumn. It used to be said that harvest had to be completed by Michaelmas. We start our new season with this traditional collection with a modern twist. Delicate silver metallic elements give a pretty shimmer on each design.

Lewis & Irene - Little Bird Floral

Part number: A398
Available in 3 colours: Linen, Soft Red and Blue.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Small Floral

Part number: A399
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Soft Red and Dark Blue.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Hearts

Part number: A400
Available in 2 colours: Linen and Latte.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Multi Floral

Part number: A401
Available in 3 colours: Light Blue, Soft Red and Dark Blue.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Mono Floral

Part number: A402
Available in 3 colours: Teal, Red and Blue.
  • £3.25
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